• Storeys of the building: basement, ground floor, mezzanine and four upper floors.
  • In the building, business premises have been designed on the basement level, on the ground floor and on the mezzanine, with commercial and catering functions and shell & core completion.
  • On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd and penthouse storey, there are 13 furnished flats designed by interior designers.
  • There are five flats on the 1st floor, two flats on each of the 2nd and 3rd floor, for which there is also an independent staff suite with a separate entrance. On the penthouse level, there are four flats with roof terraces.
  • The building functions as a block of freehold flats. There is a permanent building management room for the operation of the building.
  • Az épület főbejárata az Andrássy útról nyílik. Egy szélfogón keresztül közelíthetjük meg a kiemelkedő színvonalú, műemléki védettséggel rendelkező kapualjat, melyben egy recepcióspult kapott helyet,  portaszolgálattal, amely minden hétköznap 7:00-19:00 óra között fogadja a vendégeket.
  • Through the gateway, the inner courtyard and the imposing main staircase can be reached.
  • All flats can be accessed with the panoramic lift in the main staircase.
  • Through the gateway from Liszt Ferenc tér, the rear staircase and the staff lift with which the building is served can be reached
  • All business premises have a lift.
  • Parking is possible in the surrounding streets and parking garage buildings, there is no car park for the building.



  • The existing structural solution of the listed building is the same as the other buildings constructed in its time: vertical support structures with old-scale brick masonry, typically with Prussian vault floors on the upper floors.
  • The building has continuous foundations, the characteristic materials of which are brick, limestone or a combination of the two.
  • Most of the supporting structures are existing structures listed as historic, strengthened with reinforced concrete in some places.
  • The middle main wall on the 3rd floor as well as the attic pillars, walls and floor slabs have a new reinforced concrete structure.
  • The new stair structures are also made of reinforced concrete.


  • They are typically designed with a drywall system, usually with a rib of 10 cm and two layers of 1.25 cm thick plasterboard on the two sides (impregnated in rooms with plumbing), with fibre sound insulation between ribs.
  • The walls separating the units are Porotherm masonry plus Macuphon 20 soundproof concrete elements with 5 cm sound insulation and two layers of 1.25 cm plasterboard cover on two sides.
  • Drywall front walls will be constructed, mostly for covering mechanical and electrical fittings.
  • In rooms with plumbing, there is smeared waterproofing against domestic water.
  • Dry plaster is applied to the main walls listed as historic.


  • In the majority of the rooms, a suspended ceiling is installed for cooling and heating purposes, which is adjusted to the system.
  • In general places, normal drywall boards (12.5 mm thick) were erected on a CD rib frame, installed with a nonius pendant.
  • In the rooms with plumbing, impregnated drywall boards were used.

2.4. ROOF

  • The roof is designed with a cover that fits both the listed nature and the contemporary appearance of the building. The 26° roof surface receives a medium grey artificial slate and fibre cement covering in a diamond layout.
  • The lower section of the inclined roof towards Andrássy út and Liszt Ferenc tér will be uniformly covered with lamella shade screens. Behind it there is a glass roof and a terrace on some sections. The lamella row runs along the lower section of the roof, which appears to be a contiguous surface. The inserted terraces appear only as small splittings of the lamella row.
  • A ceramic tile wall covering with a ventilated façade is made for the added attic due to its favourable building physical characteristics and its appearance, which fits both the listed neighbourhood and the contemporary world.


  • In the case of existing façades, the external windows are wooden windows re-manufactured in accordance with the listed nature on the upper floors, retaining the original division: the outer window leaves have two layers of heat-insulating glazing, keeping the existing dimensions, while the inner leaves are windows of a listed nature with one layer of glazing, which also meet the acoustic requirements. There is an air gap of 16 cm between the two window leaves. Rw+Ctr=30 dB and, towards Andrássy út, Rw+Ctr=35 dB.
  • To close the hanging corridors, double-layer glazed aluminium windows are used, provided with sunscreen glazing.
  • The penthouse level has new aluminium façade windows with three layers of high thermal and sound insulating glazing. Unobstructed lift-and-push terrace doors and tilt-and-turn window structures are installed.


  • There will be motorized interior shading curtains and interior roller blinds in every unit.
  • On the penthouse level, motorized exterior roller shutters will be installed.
  • Sun rooms will be shaded with motorized textile roller blinds.


  • In the flats, the ceiling height varies from storey to storey. On the 1st floor, the plane of the suspended ceiling is at 4.35 m; on the 2nd floor, at 3.95 m; on the 3rd floor, at 3.90m; and on the penthouse level, at 3.00 m.
  • Based on the detailed interior designs, the flats represent the modern-classical style. The flats will be constructed together with the planned furnishings, lamps and built-in cabinets.
  • The wall surfaces are treated with premium category paint. In places, Oikos custom decor painting inserted into stucco frames.
  • Tile coverings: premium quality ceramic wall and floor covering of the type and size corresponding to the interior designs from the manufacturers Lea, Urbatek Porcelanosa Grupo, Sant’ Agostino, Ariostea and Marazzi. The walls are covered up to the ceiling.
  • Wood floor coverings: original oak Benott parquet flooring stained in a unique colour. In some places, inlaid board parquet flooring with a unique pattern, in some places a chevron pattern of 45° can be seen.
  • Sanitary ware: Excellent, premium quality Krion, Cielo, Rexa, Duravit, Inbani and Agape porcelain sanitary ware has been installed on the equally premium quality wall coverings in the rooms with plumbing.
  • Mixer taps: Hansgrohe, Gessi and Rexa mixer taps were placed next to the individual pieces of sanitary ware in accordance with the interior designs.
  • The built-in and freestanding bathtubs are made with premium mixer taps and accessories from Inda, Noken and Hansgrohe, which have won multiple design exhibitions, in accordance with the interior designs, bearing in mind the need for luxury and elegance in the bathrooms of the flats.
  • The equipment and design of the custom-designed built shower cabins also reflects the building owner’s desire for luxury and elegance. They also feature premium Inda, Noken and Hansgrohe mixer taps and accessories.
  • Electric bathroom radiator with heating cartridge and towel rails: Tubes.
  • Custom built-in furniture: alternating stained veneer wood surfaces and colour-sprayed MDf fronts.
  • Built-in kitchen appliances: Miele.
  • Furnishings: each piece of design furniture comes from high-quality international manufacturers: Meridiani, Cattelan Italia, Gubi, Eichholtz, Pols Potten, Ditre Italia, Bonaldo, Knoll, Molteni and Gallotti&Radice.
  • Premium quality carpets and curtains are part of the flat design: Jab Anstoetz, HeavenRugs, Eichholtz, Poliform and Ligne Pure.
  • Custom-made wine coolers.



  • The energy required for heating and cooling is produced centrally, with modern air-to-water heat pump systems and condensation gas boilers.
  • The equipment is installed in an engine room located on the attic level.
  • Several heat dissipation systems are installed in the flats; with surface heating and cooling, underfloor heating and fan-coil systems provide the desired temperature in the individual rooms.
  • The surface heating and cooling and underfloor heating system are supplied through distribution and collection units located in the flats. The fan-coil units are supplied from the main line running in the flats.
  • The mechanical equipment in the flats is controlled by a fully intelligent KNX system.
  • The heat consumption of flats is measured with a system equipped with radio calorimeters.


  • Domestic hot water is produced for the flats with condensation boilers and heat pump heat generators. A circulation network equipped with a pump is connected to the hot water system.
  • For the purpose of settling water consumption, cold and hot water submeters will be installed in each flat.
  • In rooms with plumbing, taps are supplied with a five-layer plastic pipe with waterproofing laid in the wall/floor.


  • Each flat has a central heat recovery ventilation system. The compact equipment has a heat recovery unit, filters and EC fans. The air supply and exhaust network is a spiral steel duct laid in the suspended ceiling.
  • The rooms are supplied with slot blowers equipped with air volume regulators.



  • General lighting is provided by technical spot lamps and high-quality design suspended lighting fitting with 3,000 K light sources: Flos, Bomma, Catellani & Smith, Baxter, Nemo, Cattelan Italia, Bocci, Alain Ellouz, Mater, Labra, Porta romana, Inarchi, Vibia and Roche Bobois.
  • Mood lighting is provided by wall bracket-mounted lamps, floor lamps and hidden LED tapes built into the furniture.
  • The control is carried out through a KNX system, which can be controlled from wall-mounted smart panels as well as from a telephone application.
  • The audiovisual system includes a 75” TV set in the living rooms with a sound projector attached to it, as well as speakers sunk into the ceiling in the kitchen-dining area and bathrooms equipped with bathtubs.
  • In bathrooms, lighting is provided with IP protected spot lamps recessed into the suspended ceiling and with design pendants hung above the washbasin.


  • An optical cable terminal has been installed by the service provider in each flat, so the buyer only has to enter into a contract.
  • An internal WiFi network has been installed in the flats, and good quality internet access is provided in every room.

5.3. ALARM

  • An alarm system is installed in every flat.
  • The external windows of the flats and the front door are equipped with an opening detector.
  • 360° motion detectors are installed in the rooms.
  • The alarm control panel is a 7” LCD panel, and it can also be turned on and off from a phone application.
  • The alarm is suitable for being connected to a telemonitoring system.


  • A Control4s intercom system has been installed in the block of freehold flats.
  • There is an outdoor camera unit next to the entrance door in Andrássy út, so when a call is made in the flats, the occupant can see who is coming to them.
  • The intercom call not only enters the indoor unit built into the flats, but can also receive the call using the application installed in a smartphone (with the right subscription anywhere in the world).
  • The possibility of calling is also provided between the flats and the concierge service.


  • A smart home system is installed in each flat. It can be accessed via a mobile phone application and a touchscreen.
  • With the smart home system, the owner can control the following functions in the flats:
    - heating and cooling,
    - lighting (different lighting images can be defined),
    - shading (curtains and roller shutters),
    - intercom,
    - on the penthouse level, motorized windows,
    - on demand: television: you can even start your favourite streaming service on your TV at the touch of a button, while the lights will automatically turn off and the blinds will darken the room,
    - through the smart home, you can also listen to your favourite music (e.g. Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, etc.) via the speaker built into the rooms, streamed from your smart phone,
    - Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Home Support.